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By the end of your training you will be able to instruct a group exercise session using the pre-planned Groovelates choreography to a range of client groups.


Now, don’t panic but, to be able to teach Groovelates sessions, we need to check that you can do it to a certain standard.

You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to do it “just like your tutor” however, there are some things which we think are too important not to check.

We call these Assessment Criteria.

 We will explain these fully on your course. (But equally happy to talk them through with you before you book!)


We don’t have time to assess everyone on the initial training day, plus you need time to practice your choreography and delivery.


So you will need to upload a recording of you teaching 5 tracks of a group Groovelates class within 12 weeks of your initial training.

If you’re training in a club with a suitable assessor, we can sometimes arrange for in-house assessment too.


Please speak with us or your tutor if you need extra help and support with this.


We want you to succeed!


If there are ever any disputes regarding your assessment outcome, we have a robust appeals procedure in place.

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