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groovelates Ambassador training process

music + exercise + fun

  • Groovelates Ambassador Training is the initial instructor training to teach Groovelates.

  • Ambassador Training costs £147.00 via the Groovelates Training Portal.

  • Instructors choose to do their training using one of the Releases available. Currently, instructors can chose from Release 1 or Release 2

  • Ambassador Training Courses include all choreography. The purchase of the selected Release for initial training is included in the Ambassador Training Costs. Certification is also included dependant upon successful completion of post-training assessment.

  • Once Training is complete and certification confirmed, Ambassadors can purchase further Releases on an individual basis.

  • Each subsequent release is half-price and costs £73.50

  • Certified Ambassadors can purchase additional Releases via the Training Portal using vouchers supplied by the Groovelates Team


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