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Is Groovelates™ completely pre-choreographed?

Yes, all choreography, routine planning and track mixes are prepared in full for instructors to use immediately. The aim is to provide instructors with a complete package from start to finish, free from the usual worries and time-consuming hassles associated with the creation of a new programme.

This leaves instructors free to concentrate their energies elsewhere!

What kind of venues are suitable for Groovelates™ sessions?

Instructors should carry on as normal! Groovelates™ sessions can be held in a multitude of venues from gyms, fitness clubs and dance studios to social clubs, community centres and town halls. Whatever location or facilities instructors currently use for their classes should be perfect to host our classes too!


N.B. All venues must have a PRS licence, and all instructors must have a PPL licence to be able to play Groovelates original artist music mixes. Our music provider is Fitmix Pro.

What qualifications are required to become a Groovelates™ Instructor?


You must already be qualified and insured to teach a group.

Examples of suitable minimum qualifications include:

  • Level 2 Group Exercise Instructor

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor


This can also include dance instructor qualifications.

We can provide help and advice on how to gain qualification swhere necessary.

Instructors based outside the UK are requested to kindly email details of their qualifications to before booking a place on the training course.

What do instructors need to provide for Groovelates™ sessions/courses?

Instructors  are encouraged to add a disco element to their teaching environment where possible. We use plug-in disco lights and a glitter curtain backdrop. Obviously, if you are using a hall or club studio you must check with your manager and ensure all electrical items meet PAT testing requirements.

We also encourage a disco/glitter theme for your fitness kit!

Other than that you will need a mat, as well as any extra small equipment required for individual clients.


What do participants need?

Participants should bring along their own mat. If they do not already own one then participants should be advised to purchase a mat that is at least 8mm thick and non-slip; the more padded the better for support of their spinal column!

For the standing section of class, participants are welcome to wear dance pumps or trainers (or barefoot) if they prefer!

How many participants are recommended per session?


This will very much depend upon the space you have available.

Participants will need enough room to be expressive with their arms whilst not worrying about hitting someone else close by!

A good way to check is to get them to stand with their arms stretched out and turn around. This will guide you as to whether you have enough space.

In terms of correcting alignment, most of this will be verbal due to demonstrating the exercises in time to the music. So you will need enough space to be able to see your class clearly.

Do I need any special lighting?

No. Whilst no specific lighting is required to hold a session, in line with the retro 80s/disco vibe of Groovelates™, instructors may like to add additional features such as disco lights, etc. Instructors are free to make their own decisions however, one recommendation would be, for example, the OMERIL Disco Light, which is both versatile and exceptional value for money, especially in smaller spaces where the lighting can be dimmed slightly. 

Please make sure you check with your hall and that any plug-in equipment is appropriately PAT tested for safety.

What is the minimum age requirement for class participants?


This will depend upon the qualification you hold and should be checked with your awarding body and insurance if you are unsure.

Are there classes for different levels and abilities?

All of our sessions are Mixed Ability.

We choreograph options to allow for different ability levels in each session.

We find this works well so participants can choose how hard they are able to work and can progress through their time with you.

Instructors are taught these with each training release.

What qualifications are held by Groovelates™ Training Course Tutors?


All tutors hold nationally recognised teaching qualifications for the health and fitness industry.

What else do instructors get on their course?


Your training course includes choreographed routines (written notes and videos), full technical explanations to help you deliver the best class you can (via videos), alternative class formats for 45 and 30 minute slots, & marketing materials.

This means everything is done for you so you can just focus on your teaching!

Are instructors tied into contracts?

No, once you have purchased and completed your training, you are free to deliver Groovelates sessions anywhere for as long as you wish.

You are also able to purchase all future releases at a discounted rate.

Do instructors need a music licence to host Groovelates™ sessions?


Yes, in most countries, unless a venue is already covered instructors will need a music licence as Groovelates™ uses original tracks from well-known artists and not cover versions.

Please check here to make sure you comply correctly-

What would be the recommended Payment Terms for session participants?

Instructors are recommended to ensure that all group sessions are booked by the course and paid for in advance .

Our choreographyt is designed to be followed for a number of weeks to allow participants to learn it and become better able to add all the lovely flourishes and dance elements as they get more confidant.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to e-mail us at Groovelates™ with any other queries you may have:

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