Groovelates™ Ambassador Training Courses

music + exercise + fun

Our Groovelates™ Ambassador Initial Training Days take 1 full day. We start at 9am and run through to 4.30pm.


These can be attended either face to face or live-streamed on Zoom.


Once you have completed your initial training, you then join our licence scheme to receive updated music and choreography throughout the year as well as comprehensive support in all aspects of running your sessions and being part of our Groovelates™ family.


Course Contents:

  • Comprehensive introduction to Groovelates™ and the brand identity

  • Groovelates™ Teaching Method

  • Groovelates™ MasterClass

  • Groovelates™ Choreography including "Signature Moves"

  • Accessing Groovelates™ Routines & Associated Music Mixes

  • Groovelates™ Instructors’ Guide to Running Successful Sessions  including advice on how to:

    • Recruit & retain customers

    • Keep clients coming back time and time again

  • Advice and support with launches & promotions

  • Considering Health & Safety requirements

  • Planning for your assesment-you will need to send in a video of you teaching a session within 12 weeks to become fully accredited