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Groovelates™ Ambassador Training Courses

music + exercise + fun

Our Groovelates™ Ambassador Initial Training is delivered via our online learning portal and face to face.

Once you have completed your initial training, you can then buy future releases at half price.


We will be offering you new releases of music and choreography a minimum of 3 times per year, plus specialist sessions for different population groups.

This will allow you to add to your skill set each time with new moves and variations.

We want our ambassador team to be the best in the business.

Training releases give you the opportunity to refresh and upskill your technical knowledge as well as add to your exercise library.


Course Contents:

  • Courses include both written and video content to make learning easy

  • Comprehensive introduction to Groovelates™ and the brand identity

  • Groovelates™ Teaching Method

  • Groovelates™ Choreography including "Signature Moves"

  • Advice and support with launches & promotions

  • Planning for your assesment-you will need to send in a video of you teaching 5 tracks of a session within 12 weeks to become fully accredited

  • Image library to use in your newsletters and social media.

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