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Train to Teach groovelates

We train instructors to run Groovelates classes:

  • Set up new classes quickly and easily

  • Add a new income stream to your business

  • Keep members coming back for more

  • Pre-planned so all the hard work is done for you

  • Use music your members will know and love

  • Effective use of your time and energy

  • Choice of 6 Groovelates inter-changeable releases

Groovelates™ Instructor Training is delivered via our On-Demand Training Portal.

"I’m very impressed with the content so far; you have clearly put a huge amount of thought, time, passion and effort into creating and curating such a beneficial and entertaining system"


EMD UK Accredited Training Course Contents:

  • Both written and video content to make learning easy

  • Comprehensive introduction to Groovelates™ and the brand identity

  • Groovelates™ Choreography including "Signature Moves"

  • Up-skilling technical training videos

  • Advice and support with launches & promotions

  • Planning for your assessment - 10 simple questions to complete to become fully accredited

  • Image library to use in your newsletters and social media



The Groovelates™ On-Demand Training Portal gives you ultimate freedom & choice to learn at your own pace.

Oh, and before we forget, once purchased, Training Releases are YOURS to use forever!





Purchase your first release and any future Groovelates release purchases are then half-price so you can update your class content regularly.


In-House workshops are also available; message us to find out more:

Here's An idea of What we Do

Each Groovelates class starts with 4 standing tracks. We then move down to the mat to complete a full-body workout-all infused with a disco/retro vibe

By the end of your training you will be able to instruct a group exercise session using the pre-planned Groovelates choreography to a range of client groups.


Once you've finished working through the videos, there are some simple questions to answer to complete the course.

I just wanted to say how brilliant you are at making the course as fun as possible and reassuring us when we are worrying about things, making us all feel confident we can do it!

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