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Ambassador Licence


On completion of your initial training you will progress to our licence which includes all the following:


Choreographed Routines
with Training & Full Explanation

  • 3 new Groovelates™ exercise programmes per annum (1 every 4 months)

  • Bonus Seasonal choreography for holiday periods

  • 24-hour online training portal enabling instant access to training videos and instructions, as well as detailed breakdowns of routine components and their beneficial applications


Music Mixes

  • 3 Groovelates™ Music Mixes per annum to accompany each new routine

  • Each mix consists of tracks selected specifically for every new routine carefully mixed to ensure perfect synchronisation with the respective exercises

  • You will need to comply with current licencing regulations to use the music mixes


Marketing Materials

Access to promotional materials which can be customised to suit your own specific requirements. This is an ever growing library of resources such as:

  • Marketing & Business Support

  • Images

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Flyers, etc.


Merchandise Access

  • Coming Soon

  • Exclusive access to purchase official Groovelates™ merchadise when available

  • Instructors increase their direct income through sales of branded merchandise to their clients



  • Ambassadors are free to provide suggestions for or request the inclusion of specific, previously unused tracks in future Groovelates™ music mixes. (Kindly note however that the use such tracks cannot be guaranteed.)

  • Invitiation to special training events and parties to celebrate your sucess and party with fellow ambassadors


Subscription Fees

  • Monthly: £16.99/month

  • No contractual time constraints and subscription can be stopped at any time! There is a 30 day notice period required.

  • Annual: £187/annum

  • Choose to pay annually in advance and receive one month’s discount. You’ll get one year’s subscription for the price of just 11 months! N.B. There are no refunds on this option.

  • Gym/Venue Licence -contact us to organise a bespoke quote for your venue.

Without a licence, you will not be able to deliver Groovelates classes

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