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Re-Invention... Learning from the queen of pop

These past couple of years have been economically tough for everyone regardless of our chosen paths in life, and that includes instructors struggling to increase client numbers and earnings! Maybe the only way to move forward and grow is to re-evaluate, re-position and ultimately…re-invent?

Over the past 20 years or so, whenever you come across the term “Re-Invention” which, let’s face it, isn’t a new concept, more often than not it’s in association with the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. And, if ever someone came to epitomise the concept of ‘Re-Invention’ then music legend Madonna is by far the best example of how to ensure you and your business remain relevant and in the public eye, through hard work, never settling for second best and NEVER doing the same thing twice…EVER!

Over the course of 40+ years, Madonna has consistently and successfully ‘re-invented herself’ and her work, keeping herself news-worthy, in the spotlight, relevant and interesting, always doing new things, trying out new ideas, experimenting with new genres, pushing boundaries, creating new conversations, developing new concepts, working with the most talented and, more often the not, talked about people in the business! With that approach to your career, the sky’s the limit and the rewards endless!

And the result? Well, just think about it, Madonna went from early 80s post-punk disco groupie to mid-80s tongue-in-cheek, self-titled ‘Boy Toy’ Material Girl to late 80s Grammy Award-winning artist, who garnered major respect with her Like A Prayer album! But did she stop? Did she think, right, that’ll do, I’ll just do something similar again next time? Oh no! In the early 90s, she went from Dick Tracy & Vogue to being a leather-clad Dominatrix called ‘Dita’, who’ll ‘be your mistress tonight’ to mid-90s R&B songstress with Bedtime Stories to late 90s Ray Of Light ‘Earth Mother’! But was that enough? Nope! After that, she became a Cowgirl for the ‘Music’ album, social commentator on ‘American Life’, and Disco Diva on ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’…need we say more?

And THAT’S what we all need to be doing when it comes to developing, expanding and sustaining our own enterprises, our own projects, our own businesses! The only way to succeed and grow, the only way to ensure that our businesses can survive, the only way to ensure that we are always relevant and appealing is simple…BE MORE MADONNA!

And, come on, let’s face it! For dance, fitness and exercise instructors, just how difficult can that be? What does Madonna continue to do to this day which YOU should be doing, too? Look, it’s easy, pretend you’re Madonna and then continuously:

  • Embrace creativity and experimentation to keep your business fresh and exciting

  • Offer unique and personalised experiences to stand out from competitors

  • Create a community around your business to foster loyalty and encourage referrals

  • Assess your current business model and identify areas for improvement or innovation

  • Research industry trends and consumer preferences

  • Develop a strong brand and marketing strategy to attract and retain clients

  • Continuously gather feedback

  • Stay up-to-date with industry developments

  • And, to reach a wider audience, consider incorporating technology or virtual offerings

Oh, yes, and there’s something else! Obviously, you can’t be expected to do all of that on your own! So, here at Groovelates™, we can help you ‘be more Madonna’ too! We have the expertise and the passion, the ideas and the time, the energy and the conviction, the support materials and exercise programmes, the music mixes and the specialised choreography, all right here ready and waiting for you. Take a look at some of what we can offer:

  • Training courses which include written & video content to make learning easier

  • A comprehensive introduction to Groovelates™ and the brand identity

  • Groovelates™ choreography including “Signature Moves”

  • Groovelates™ ‘Mixtape’ music releases

  • EMDUK Accreditation & CPD points

  • EMDUK Bursary

  • Advice & support with launches and promotions

  • An Image Library to use with social media and in newsletters

And that’s just the start! Check out our website @ and/or get in touch via

If you want to ‘BE MORE MADONNA’ just get in touch and start your own Re-Invention!

by Sean Francis Cawley

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