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So Much To Celebrate!

Updated: Apr 6

It’s 2023 and that calls for a bit of a Celebration! HOW do you like to celebrate? And, more importantly, WHAT do you like to celebrate?

A new year brings new opportunities, new goals, new ideas and a certain positivity as we look forward to what lies ahead! How often have we said to ourselves, or heard others saying, those immortal words, "Well, it can’t be any worse than last year!” That may well be true for some but, then again, it may not be so accurate for others!

And that’s the point! We are all different, we all have our own lives, we all have our own responsibilities but, more importantly, we all have our own groove which makes us a pretty diverse bunch! And, just think, if we bring those experiences together, they can, not could, but can be the foundations of something quite formidable, something quite powerful and something quite unique! And surely, that’s something to Celebrate!

It’s all too easy to look back on and be held back by our past experiences, either what we’ve done or, more often than not, by what we’ve NOT done, or by what’s been done to us! Opportunities missed, or events which we had no control over, suddenly limit us, our lives, who we want to be, who we need to be, who we strive to be!

Whilst we are all shaped by our past, we should not be limited by it. Our hopes and dreams provide us with the opportunity to define and create our own new futures. And that’s worth celebrating!

So, taking the New Year as a catalyst:

  • Let’s focus on what lies ahead!

  • Let’s focus on connecting with new people!

  • Let’s focus on connecting with music & movement!

It’s time to expand our horizons for 2023 and, given the current economic climate we all find ourselves in, it’s time to protect our businesses, too! What are you waiting for? “Celebrate good times, come on!

And what gives Groovelates cause for Celebration? A good question! Well, lots of things though the launch of the brand new Groovelates On-Demand Learning Portal has to be right up there! Now, all of our dance, fitness, pilates instructors can train whenever they want, wherever they want! The new portal has provided instructors with so much flexibility and control!

Oh, one last thing, congratulations to Kool & The Gang’s iconic hit “Celebration” from 1980, not only is it featured on the very first music release Groovelates Mixtape 1, it’s also Groovelates’ chosen theme for January 2023! How ‘Kool’ is that?

Pop Fact: Did you know that ‘Kool’ is not actually the lead singer we invariably associate with such hits as “Celebration”, “Get Down On It”, “Ladies Night”, “Too Hot”, “Joanna", “Misled”, “Cherish”, etc? No, Robert ‘Kool’ Bell formed Kool & The Gang with his brother, Ronald Bell, in New Jersey but, James ‘J.T.’ Taylor is the vocalist we all remember from those mega-hits between 1979-1986! Robert ‘Kool’ Bell actually played bass! Now you know!

by Sean Francis Cawley

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