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Release 04
"Groovelates Mixtape 04"

Here's the music included with Groovelates Release 04

You can purchase this release including all training and choreography here

Release 4 Track 1 Lost In Music Sister Sledge.png

Track 01

Artist: Sister Sledge

Track Title: Lost in Music

Released: 1979

Track 2 Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley.png

Track 02

Artist: Rick Astley

Track Title: Never Gonna Give You Up

Released: 1987

Release 4 Track 3 Ring My Bell Anita Ward.png

Track 03

Artist:  Anita Ward

Track Title:  Ring My Bell

Released: 1979

Release 4 Track 4 Dancing Queen Abba.png

Track 04

Artist: Abba

Track Title: Dancing Queen

Released: 1976

Release 4 Track 5 Good Life Inner City.png

Track 05

Artist: Inner City

Track Title: Good Life

Released: 1988

Release 4 Track 6 Venus Bananarama.jpg

Track 06

Artist: Bananarama

Track Title: Venus

Released: 1986

Release 4 Track 7 Love Plus One Haircut 100(1).png

Track 07

Artist: Haircut 100

Track Title: Love Plus One

Released: 1982

Release 4 Track 8 Everybody Dance Chic.png

Track 08

Artist: Chic

Track Title: Everybody Dance

Released: 1978

Release 4 Track 9 Call Me Blondie(1).png

Track 09

Artist: Blondie

Track Title: Call Me

Released: 1980

Release 4 Track 10 Contact Edwin Starr.png

Track 10

Artist: Edwin Starr

Track Title: (Eye to Eye) Contact

Released: 1978

Release 4 Track 11 Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac.png

Track 11

Artist:  Fleetwood Mac

Track Title: Go Your Own Way

Released: 1977

Release 4 Track 12 Life In A Northern Town The Dream Academy.png

Track 12

Artist: The Dream Academy

Track Title: Life in A Northern Town

Released: 1985

Release 4 Track 13 Fast Car Tracy Chapman.png

Track 13

Artist: Tracey Chapman

Track Title: Fast Car

Released: 1988

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