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What do we Do In A Class?

Groovelates™ teams up the tried and trusted Pilates-inspired exercises with the ‘glitz and glamour’ of Disco & the '80s.

Each fully choreographed Groovelates™ session contains between 10-13 tracks each with a specific goal.

We start with standing, functional core and balance work with the accompanying tracks selected specifically to help shape and tone those legs and glutes and raise the heart rate.

Then, we move down to the floor to complete a full body workout, topped off with relaxing stretches and releases.

It’s all easy to follow with the emphasis on having fun whilst working out!

There are options so participants can work at their own level and build-up their fitness gradually.

They will learn a routine over a number of weeks to allow them to fully gain the maximum benefit from their workout.

As for the workout itself, it’s low impact, so safe and effective for all age groups.

Groovelates Happy
Groovelates Pop Art 1
Groovelates Good Vibes
Groovelates stretches 1
Groovelates Smiley Face
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