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what is groovelates™?

Groovelates is the pairing of Pilates and fabulous retro tunes, creating a unique and fun experience with uplifting, positive music everyone will recognise!

Pull on your leg-warmers!

Imagine a  55-minute  exercise programme designed and devised specifically to be enjoyed alongside a soundtrack of joyous, instantly recognisable, familiar tunes from that classic era of Disco, as well as the decade that gave us everything from New Romantics to Synth Pop to Stock, Aitken & Waterman and beyond, the 80s, just begging to be the catalyst for like-minded individuals to get-together and enjoy themselves to the MAX!

Maybe throw in some glitter?

A few disco lights?

A mirrorball?...

I just wanted to say how brilliant you are at making the course as fun as possible and reassuring us when we are worrying about things, making us all feel confident we can do it!

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